The Bridge App connects members and the community to their local church.

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Connecting Communities 
in Spirit

A philanthropic initiative to support the local church community, The Bridge App offers churches the ability to digitally connect with their members and the community.
The Bridge

What is it?

The Bridge App is a multi-functional digital communications tool, specifically oriented towards the local church with a missional and relational emphasis.

Available as both a web portal and mobile application, The Bridge App is designed to bring a vast number of church needs together all in one place – with little to no additional effort by administrators within the church.

For church members, The Bridge offers information and videos that will help Christians develop their faith through the multiple resources available within the app.

Industry Problem

Churches need better ways of connecting with their membership and the local community without creating additional resource strain on office staff. Being intentional about a digital strategy is both technically and financially challenging to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing world.

Our Solution

The Bridge App provides a connection between ministry resources and local churches. It is an all-encompassing solution that simplifies communication and strengthens the relationship between local churches, its members and the community by leveraging available content in one centralized location.

The Benefits

Greater efficiency for church leadership and administration is achieved by streamlining communications and contact management, while consolidating and organizing available resources. It also increases engagement, helping Christians and seekers develop their faith through resources available in the app.

Connecting Communities 
in Spirit

Creating a bridge between ministry resources and local churches and their disciples, with an aim to strengthen individuals within the local church context.

  • Give


    Web & Mobile-Based Donations. Reporting Capabilities. Customizable Recipients by Church.

  • Announcements

    Announcements & Events

    Real-Time Communications. Targeted Messaging. Push Notification Capabilities.

  • Prayers


    User-Driven Prayer Requests. Approval Process for Admins
. Integration from the Mobile App.

  • Directory


    Access Directory of Church Members. Denominational Staff Info Readily Available. Easily Editable Data.

  • Bridge


    Web & Mobile-Based Bible. 
Daily Devotions & Content Feeds from Various Ministries.

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