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Big City Internet for Rural Communities.

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Get REAL internet you can count on.

Even in the most remote locations, NWIC provides Niagara residents and businesses with affordable, high-speed wireless internet. Learn more about our Residential and Commercial Packages.


Whether you're located in the city-centre, or in the beautiful countryside, NWIC towers have you covered!

At NWIC, we understand the importance of staying connected, you can count on us to provide you a quality internet connection, without breaking the bank.

Internet from NWIC is not only extremely fast, it uses the latest technology to deliver dependable, affordable internet solutions to your home or business.

Industry Problem

Many residential communities, as well as businesses, are located outside of the city where cable or Fiber to the Home/Fiber to the Node is not available. These individuals often struggle to find internet connections faster than DSL or Cable and do not have fiber nearby.

Our Solution

Niagara Wireless Internet Company (NWIC) is an ISP that started solely with providing wireless internet services for customers in rural regions of Southern Ontario, Canada. The company focuses on building an enterprise wireless network that consisted of high-end infrastructure from big known brands such as Cisco, RADWIN, APC along with dedicated fiber-fed sites, providing the best in class wireless internet to residential, commercial and enterprise customers.

NWIC’s current infrastructure has 25 sites on rooftops or towers and covers over 2,000 square kilometers. Our product is typically used by customers outside the servicing cable and fiber footprints. NWIC is also used by customers who need connections faster than DSL or Cable and don’t have fiber nearby.

The Benefits

NWIC is the fastest wireless internet service provider in Southern Ontario and arguably the fastest in Canada, based on our technology and network speed. NWIC has a competitive edge in being able to deploy wireless internet solutions quickly in areas that are underserviced and not reachable by the Tier 1 Carriers, using the most robust and advanced technology in the industry from leading manufacturers.

The hardware deployed is built for the enterprise-level and typically not used by WISP’s due to it being cost prohibitive. NWIC operates at 1/3 of the OPEX cost of a traditional WISP through its proprietary deployment of ET Fusion (OSS/BSS software) created by NWIC’s sister company, Extreme Technology Corporation.

NWIC does not require its customers to sign contracts, therefore our customers are not locked into multi-year deals, which provides very little red tape to get connected. However, we work very hard to earn their business every month through exceptional speeds, uptime and customer service. This is also a competitive advantage for NWIC, as many of the large corporations are severely lacking in customer service, and our market demands this level of communication.

To learn more about Extreme Technology Corporation, or to book a demo, please contact our sales team.

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